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Slightly more than 100 Kilometres from Rome and 120 Km from Naples, Terracina lies on about fifteen Km of coastline, along the wide gulf marked off by the Circeo and Gaeta promontories. A visual summary of the history of Terracina is afforded by the present-day main plaza, Piazza del Municipio, which has sections of the ancient Roman Appian Way, the Republican Age (or Emilian) Forum with its original pavement, traces of Roman theatre, and the capitolium. The Middle Age is represented by the splendid Cathedral, dedicated to the patron saint Cesareo, Palazzo Venditti, the Torre dei Rosa, now the Civic Museum, and Castello Frangipane. Nearby are the 18th century Palazzo Braschi and Palazzo della Bonifica, and the modern section with the Municipio, the town hall.
Other monuments in the old city are the Chiesa del Purgatorio and the Church of San Giovanni. By taking a short walk in the old town you will discover characteristic shops and establishments, including small wineries, with history everywhere around you. Piazza del Municipio also offers a view of the two symbols of Terracina, the sea and the Temple of Jupiter Anxur. The latter was part of the monumental complex of the ancient acropolis, situated on the top of Monte S. Angelo, which affords a breathtaking view of the entire gulf and the Pontine Islands; indeed, on especially clear days you can see the jewels of Campania, the islands of Ischia and Capri. Terracina is a beautiful tourist city: the long sand bank with bathing establishments, parks, hotels and villas and apartments for rent; the colourful fishermen's port-canal and two basins for pleasure-craft, and the arm of the port where the ships depart for Ponza (in the summer) and for Ventotene.
Along the eastern and western coastline, a few Km from town, there are many campgrounds and some small bathing establishments. Those who enjoy the countryside as well as the sea need only venture a few miles into the interior to reach two interesting places: the hilly valley of Campo Soriano and the Madonnina di Monte Leano, which overlooks the Pontine Marshes plain.

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