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The coastal margin of the southern Lathium region is also called Ulysse's Coast. Pivoted on Gaeta's Gulf, the Ulysse's Coast has a surface of 450 kmq and the Garigliano River acts as a borer with Campania region. It's 60 km. Coastal stretch, almost all of it is fine sand beaches, with the Aurunci Mountains that overlooks the sea at a height of 1500 m. This makes Ulysse's Coast unique in the world. Like the Geography, the history of Ulysse's Coast is unique: it's so old the gets lost between reality and legend. In fact, until the arrival of the Romans, the certifiable history is intrigued in doubts and suppositions.
Clear references to places of the Ulysse's Coast can be found in many classic texts: Odissea is one of these, part of the story talks about the unpleasant meet between Ulisse and the Lestrigoni, a barbarian and cannibal race, but there's no trace of these people in the official history. From memorable times, the thriving cities of the coast - thriving by the commerce on the Appia Way and the harbour trading- was appreciated for the weather, for the wines and oils, as well for the good fishing in it's waters: therefore these cities were chosen as ideal places for vacation, as well as all year round living.

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