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The territory of La Sabina extends from the banks of the river Tiber towards the Sabine hills and Appenine mountains. It is a landscape of rolling olive clad foothills which rise to steeper, forested mountains scattered with castles, abbeys and medieval hilltowns such as Casperia, Roccantica, Fara Sabina and Roccasinibalda. Sabina has been inhabited since prehistoric times and takes its name from the Sabini tribe who settled in the area around the 9th century B.C. They also founded the city of Reate, present day Rieti and the provincial capital.
Founded in the early medieval period, Cantalupo in Sabina appears in the Regesto Farfense for the first time in 1037. In the years following it passed through the hands of various Roman families. The Romans built fabulous villas here and word has it that the famous Rape of the Sabines featured women from the town. In the 17th century the original castle was transformed into what is now Palazzo Cammucini, so called after Baron Cammucini who, in 1862, aquired the building and turned it into a private museum.

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