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He stayed as the guest of the Parish Priest of the small church of S. Mary of the Forest; it was at this time that the miracle of the grape - vine took place; the huge crowds that had gathered to get a glimpse of the saint wrecked the vineyard, but it nevertheless produced an exceptionally rich harvest of excellent quality wine. 3 miles from Rieti is the Santuario di Fonte Colombo, known as the Franciscan Sinai because it was here in 1223 that S. Francis received the final Rule of the Friars Minor from Christ.
The Shrine stands on a hill - top still covered to this day with luxuriant vegetation and ancient holm - oaks at an altitude of 1788ft.
There is a small chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary, called the "Maddalena", which stands on the place where the saint used to pray - the so - called "Sacro Speco", or "Holy Cave". It stands inthe depths of the wood, and is a natural cave.