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In the territory of Forum Clodii there were also other smaller centres. Among them two hydrotherapeutic establishments stood out. The first one is "Bagni di Stigliano" (Aquae Apollinares Veteres) today located in Canale Monterano's territory. The second one is "Vicarello" (Aquae Apollinares Novae) today located in Bracciano's territory. Majestic structures (thermae) intended to welcome the bathers, developped in the Roman Age. Under the reign of the Emperor Domiziano, in Vicarello there was a great increase of building activity. The Emperor Domiziano was very interested in the therapeutic characteristics of these waters because of his feet deformity and leg disease. In the year 1573 the Pope Gregorio XIII gave Vicarello's estate to the "Collegio Germanico Ungarico" which built a small thermal building. The latter was half demolished in the year 1852 to built a new and larger building. Because of these works was discovered the votive place of Vicarello. It's also known as Vicarello's treasure for all the precious objects found. In fact, several thousand bronze coins, three golden, twenty-five silver and six bronze vases were picked up from the break of the rock where gushed the healthy water. Many of the discovered vases are engraved with inscriptions dedicated to the nymphes and to Apollo "deus maior" of the waters. Vicarello is also known for its four cylindrical silver vases called Vicarello's glasses. Their height is 15 cm in diameter: these vases are forged in a military cippus shape; also engraved is the entire signpost from Cadige to Rome. Nowadays the four glasses of Vicarello are kept at the National Roman Museum of "Palazzo Massimo". The other missing pieces are kept either at the Vatican Museum or other European Museums.

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