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At just a glance from Rome on the southern shore of lake Bracciano, the Odescalchi Castle majestically reigns as one of the most beautiful feudal residences in all of Europe. Construction began in the second half of the fifteenth century, and is the realization of an ideal meeting point between military and civilian architecture. At the base of the eastern tower, the entrance to the castle opens: in the entry hall a wide circular staircase leads to the study and to the library which is also known as the Pope's Hall, as Pope Sixtus IV was a guest here in 1481. The third room, too, takes its name from an illustrious guest who stayed here in 1900: King Umberto I. After the Triptych Room and the Pisanello's Hall, comes the Hall of the Caesars; along the walls of this hall we find busts of the 12 Caesars; and frescoes by Antoniazzo Romano. Another room of note is that of the Orsinis. After the Hall of Isabella, we follow the stairs up to the second floor where we enter the Hall of Hercules and, above the Hall of the Ceasars on the lower floor, the Hall of Arms, with its vast and impressive collection of medieval arms. From the loggia, the panoramic walk along the rondo begins, which joins the six towers of the Castle, and from which we can admire the magnificent Secret Garden. The elegant portico of the Court marks the end of our journey of discovery of the Odescalchi Castle in Bracciano. Info: Tel. (+39) 06 99802379 - Fax (+39) 06 99802380

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