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Bracciano is situated 280 m above sea level. It rises up a hillock of trachyte near the south-west lake shore. The climate is mild but quite wet owing to the lake. There can be no doubt the geographical element that most characterizes Bracciano is the lake. It has a volcanic origin and, as every water reservoirs of this kind, has formed in the geological period called Upper Palaeolithic. The first traces of human beings in the Basin go back to the neolithic period. This is witnessed by the discovery of some remains of a neolithic village that sank near Anguillara.
The latter is one of the three boroughs that, together with Bracciano and Trevignano are situated on the circumference of the lake shores. Bracciano rises on a hill inhabited since Etruscan ages; it has been of great importance during Renaissance period when it was a fief of the Orsini; in 1696 the town passed to the Odescalchi family. From any direction that you to arrive to Bracciano you'll be charmed by the size of the castle Orsini-Odescalchi either for its impressiveness or for its position which overlooks the town. The history of Bracciano is all determined by this magnificent Castle.
Due to its structural and architectonic characteristics and the excellent state of conservation it is considered one of the most important castles of Italy. Among the religious buildings of Bracciano the two baroque churches of Santa Maria Novella (with annexed Augustinian cloister) and St. Stephen's with a bell tower from the 16th century. The town center preserves its medieval character with narrow streets. In the renaissance part buildings, with shops and laboratories from 15th to 16th century.
Odescalchi Castle
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