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The city of Monterotondo is situated on three hills that dominate the Tevere Valley. Thanks to the mild climate the hills are covered at vineyards that produce optimal wines. The Campaign of Tor Mancina, the Vallericca and the spot of Gataceca encircle the city and in this zone there is the Institute Experiences for the Zootecnica, most important in it kind.
The history of Monterotondo is tied to the life of the nobles families that inhabited it: the Orsini and Barbieri. The historical center of the city is characterized from renaissance and medieval elements presents in the starde, in monuments and in the inner ones of the buildings. Between monuments of greater relief we remember: the Rocca, today center of the Townhall, the Church of Saint Maria Maddalena, the Church of Saint Maria delle Grazie.
Garibaldi's door that has approached to the ancient village, the People's Square, the Dome of XVII century and Palazzo Orsini, both to Castelli built. Here come organizes numerous events like "the island of reasure" antique market dealing all second Sundays of the month.
But the greater part of Religose folkloristiche festivities are of origin; the more important is that in honour of Sant'Antonio Abbot. Moreover do not forget to appointments with the festivals: the fava and the pecorino's festival, the festival of panzanella and the traditional Ciummaccata.

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