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The city, situated in the southeast of the Colli Albani, rises over a volcanic spur, which dominates the Pontine plain. Its origins are ancient and date back to the period of Latin domination. The town was probably founded by the Volsci in the 4th century BC and subsequently became a summer residence for the rich Romans. What sets Velletri apart is the beauty of the countryside, the suggestive panoramas and the enterprising inhabitants who have made this town an important centre for wine production. Of the many monuments which can be admired during a visit to the town, do not miss the Palazzo Comunale, 16th century oratorio (Oratory) di S. Maria del Sangue, and finally the most notable, the Cathedral, dedicated to S. Clemente, entered from the stunning small porticoed piazza in the city centre.
A considerable amount of archaeological findings such as the Pallade Veliterna, nowadays at the Louvre Museum in Paris, as well as the monuments, museums, libraries, churches and palaces are evidence of the millenary history of our town. Close to Velletri is the town of Lanuvio which is a medieval borgo and contains some valuable works of art.

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