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The vestiges of the old Farnese Castle are located at the entrance to the old village. The socalled Tower of Paolo III is well preserved but has been incorporated into later constructions. Tradition places the birth of the great pope who launched the Counter Reformation in this tall tower with an inclined base. The family coat of arms has been affixed to the keystone of a round arch. Nearby is the Bonaparte Palace, enlarged at the beginning of the 19th century by Lucien Bonaparte according to designs by Valadier. The Church of the Holy Cross is located in Via Cavour. It boasts a beautifully carved Romanesque portal. The single-nave structure preserves a 16th century Deposition and a precious wooden crucifix. The Miccinelli Palace looks out onto Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, adorned by a monumental fountain built at the turn of the century. The lower portion of the palace's fašade is graced by a beautiful portico. The fašade bears the date 1475, perhaps in reference to an old restoration. Piazza Costantino De Andreis, ennobled by tall cedars of Lebanon, provides the setting for the fašade of the Collegiate Church dedicated to Sts. Andrew and John the Baptist, dating to the late 18th century. The church preserves valuable paintings donated by Lucien Bonaparte, as well as the Bonaparte Chapel, built in 1854 by Alexandrine de Bleschamps, Lucien's second wife.