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A town in the Tiber Valley, Orte is located on a high cliff of tufaceous rock: the historical centre has a layout which is elliptical in shape, conforming itself to the configuration of the hillside, and the houses in the outskirts are placed on the edge of the walls of tufaceous rock, presenting a sight which is quite unique. The town is an important road junction, due to its position: at the intersection of the roads which come up from the Tiber Valley and of the road which arrives from Viterbo.
In correspondence to the railway station, the town of Orte Scalo has recently developed; the Fontana Ipogea is interesting to see, created in the times of ancient Rome and remaining for years the only water source for the town. The Renaissance aqueduct is also an evocative feature; in the past, it had the function of delivering the water of the springs on the hillside of the Grazie to the underground spring of the piazza.
In the historical centre, Piazza della LibertÓ has always been the meeting place between civilian life and religious life; in Orte, there are a large number of churches: the Baroque Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the Church of San Pietro alla Rocca, the Church of San Biagio in Roman style, the Church and ex Monastery of San Francesco and San'Agostino. Furthermore, the town centre is adorned with many fine, noble buildings, amongst which: Palazzo Nuzzi commissioned in the early 1700's by Cardinal Nuzzi, Palazzo dell'Orologio, originally Palazzo del PodestÓ, Palazzo Roberteschi as well as many others. In addition to admiring all of these wonders, in Orte it is possible to enjoy the excellently run spa complex which uses the natural sulphurous waters; it is open from May to September and is a paradise of relaxation and enjoyment.

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