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The flora, object of recent and in-depth studies, includes about 1012 species of plants, amongst which many rare and vulnerable types which, within the Reserve, have their only known location regionally. Different types of animals are also present, including species which are typical of the Mediterranean as well as others which have more northern origins. At the moment, the area is almost completely without human settlements and is covered with woodland, but man's hand in shaping the landscape has been incisive. Until the sixties, the area was privately owned, managed as a mtayage.
The farmhouses were inhabited by farmers who farmed the vineyards, the olive groves, cultivated cereals and reared animals. The gradual abandonment, caused by the low incomes, was followed by the purchase of the territory on the part of the Azienda di Stato per le Foreste Demaniali (A.S.F.D. - the State Forestry Corporation) and, consequently, the anthropic influence was considerably reduced. The A.S.F.D. undertook extensive reforestation programs, whereas the copses, previously used to the full, were left to age. In 1977, the management was transferred to the Regione Lazio council and then, in 1983, to the institution of the Riserva Naturale di Monte Rufeno (Natural Reserve of Monte Rufeno).
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