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Approximately 14 kilometres in the direction of Manciano is the Archaeological Nature Park of Vulci, recently established in the area occupied in ancient times by the large Etruscan metropolis of Vulci. The Archaeological Nature Park of Vulci extends over a scarcely populated portion of the Maremma covering parts of both Tuscany and Latium. The Fiora, one of the cleanest rivers in Italy, runs through it. When the river reaches Vulci it forms a deep canyon with high walls of volcanic rock featuring spectacular limestone concretions. Numerous rivulets tumble down the steep canyon walls forming sparkling little falls, and directly under the acropolis of the ancient city, the Fiora, after surmounting a huge natural disparity in levels, expands to form the suggestive Laghetto del Pellicone.
The Archaeological Nature Park of Vulci possesses important ecosystems: the woods and the Mediterranean brush, a shelter for numerous mammals, birds and reptiles; the river and the woods running along its banks, home to a variety of vertebrates and invertebrates; the meadow / pasture, an abode for cows, horses and small mammals and a wide assortment of insects. The structures visible today date mostly from the Roman penod, but there is also interesting evidence of the Etruscan phase, for example, the town walls, which are preserved at numerous points. Built of regular tufa blocks, the walls had at least five gates, three of which are well preserved.
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