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The present entrance to the city, in correspondence with the West Gate, leads into the decumanus, the main road which runs through the city along a west-east axis. To the left of the paved road at the beginning of the decumanus are the monumental tufa foundation blocks of the Large Temple, built in the 4th century BC and restored in the early Imperial Age. The forum of the later Roman centre is usually thought to have stood in the large square in front of the temple. In the western area of the square is the so called Brick Edifice, a building dating to the 2nd century AD, perhaps a bathing establishment. To the east is the Absidal Edifice, probably a small, late Imperial basilica. Further along the road is the Domus With Cryptoportico, a vast patrician residential building dating to the end of the 2nd century AD. The domus must certainly have belonged to an important family.