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The Imperial Holes - The tie between mythical-religious world and the imperial power are fundamental in order to understand the new value that the hole covers: the divinity that comes prechosen as protecting of just the hole it assumes varied religious shadings political, the decoration is realized making attention to objects (from the shield, to the aquile) that they are loaded with a politicizzante simbolismo, in the decorative statues that are alternated along the arms of the porticati ones must notice the summi turn of own gens (the illustrious ancestors of family) to which the emperor it is recalled and in name of the which legitimate its role in the past and the present.
The myth comes riletto in mitistorica key, the emperor becomes the divinizzazione of true homo romanus (the roman man); it makes guarantor of virtus (the value), of auctoritas (the respect), dignitas (the honor) and all those virtues of which Guide he spoke on purpose about the perfect man politico. Only in this rifunzionalizzazione of the ancient one, than other was not if one does not polish found political, that it is comprised like and because the empire, in spite of the crises and the dissatisfactions, succeeded to survive until fatidical the 476 d.C, the year of the landslide of the Roman Empire of the West.

Dott.ssa Myriam Di Mare graduated in Archaeology, Etruscologia and Italiche Antiquity

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