The Roman Hole

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The Roman Hole
Point of aggregation for excellence, the forum romanum (literally "the great public public square of Rome") constituted the center of the political-administrative and religious life of the roman civilization. To its inside, in facts' they raise the market, the court the sacelli sacred and the templi it dedicates you to the more important divinity, first of all that one of Dresses them, mythical sacerdotesse that they always held ignited the sacred fire of Rome.
The Hole is posizionato between the Hill Palatino and Capitolino (two of the seven necks of Rome). In monarchic age, thanks to the participation of Tarquinio Prisco, the swampy nature of the land came cleared with the realization of the Maxima Cloaca (the first great fognaria net). Thanks to this participation from the end of the WAYS century a.C., start was given to the construction of the first buildings to use after the judicial life, trades above all them and social of the city.
The greater monument amount came realized, however, in republican age (fine Ways sec a.C): in this moment the hole became the nevralgico point of a Rome that had grown and that it extended its sights to the foreign country inaugurating its imperialistica phase. The Curia, center of the roman court, the rests of the Julia Basilica and that Fulvia-Emilia, the Tempio of the Beavers, the Tempio of the Concord is only some of building the greater monuments of this phase that stupiranno who, taking a walk along the Sacred way, from the Palatino until the Campidoglio, will be found again dipped in the fascination of a still intact Rome and will be able to imagine the battalions roman to travel over again that same road to announce their triumph to the Senate.
Also in imperial age the hole continued to having an important role: many emperors engaged themselves to restructure destroyed antichi buildings from the multiple fires that they upset from always the life of the city. The new ones imperatores, moreover, placed in the hole true and own buildings to symbol of their authority: from the Arc of Tito, to the Tempio di Antonino and Faustina; from the Arc of Augusto to the Tempio of the Divo Romolo; from the Arc of Strict Settimio to the Basilica of Massenzio.
The Hole was been born with Rome, with it had been magnified and improved, the religious value that had characterized it had created a inscindibile tie, a tradition that went protected and riproposta afterlife of the centuries and the shapes of government. It was for that the hole, been born like symbol of the republican power, came inglobato, riproposto and delivered to the posteri just from the Rome new by now managed an absolute power.

Dott.ssa Myriam Di Mare graduated in Archaeology, Etruscologia and Italiche Antiquity

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