The Imperial Holes

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The Imperial Holes the monumental zone of the ancient roman hole must to Giulio Cesar (54 a.C) the idea be magnified, by now too much narrow for a city that counted nearly a million inhabitants. Cesar programmed the sbancamento of part of the hill Capitolino for being able to posizionare a hole entitled to its name and devout person to its protecting divinity: Venere Genitrice.
On the example of Cesar the emperors succeeded to you would have realized just the hole as suggello of being able and prestige giving life to the huge complex of the "Imperial Holes" that can be admired, today, from the skillful and left part of omonima the road realized in fascist age. Beyond to that one of Cesar, therefore, today we number the hole of Augusto (2 d.C), that one of Vespasiano (75 d.C), of He rib (97 d.C) and finally the imposing Hole of Traiano that consta of the famous column coclide (bringing registered its victories in Dacia), and of the Traianei Markets he gains to you from the sbancamento of the Quirinale hill.
The most recent discoveries and archaeological reconstructions have revealed that in the architectonic structure the Holes are introduced substantially similar between they: one large area lastricata sluice on three sides from colonnato with in bottom tempio sacred to the protecting divinity of the emperor and to the center one statue of the same emperor.

Dott.ssa Myriam Di Mare graduated in Archaeology, Etruscologia and Italiche Antiquity

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