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Piazza della Repubblica to the Roman like Esedra Public square, the area traces the ancient zone of the emiciclo centers them of the Terme di Diocleziano that in part can be still admired to the shoulders of the public square. This Terme was raised between the 298 and 306 d.C and covered 140,000 meters squared, excluded the great reservior of collection of the water found again under it puts into effect them Public square of the 1500's. Realized in mattoni and able accommodating approximately 3000 persons, the huge complex was characterized from a zone centers them with calidarium (knows it warm), tepidarium (knows it cold) and natatio (swimming pools) along the minor axis, the great arenas long the greater axis and all around the garden spaced out from fields rectangular (libraries), and semicircular (esedre) used after the reading. The public square resumes the emiciclico course of one of such atmospheres to confirmation of the riuso of the ancient one in the roman mentality.

I re-use is also puts into effect it them Church of S.Maria of the Angels and the Martyrdoms (1563-66), obtained from Michelangelo in the atmosphere of the ancient "basilica" (hall centers them) of aforesaid the rimaneggiata Terme and from the Vanvitelli in 1749. Today it is the preferred place for the religious functions of official character. To the center of Public square of the Republic an arrogant monument has been realized in the 1900 from Mario Rutelli: Fontana of the Danaidi. Flanked from two curvilinear arms of colonnato, illuminated from lights soffuse, completed from the water games of Fontana and suggellata from the ancient ruins, the public square assumes, above all the evening, a particular fascination all. You stop yourselves to the center of it and tried to make to slide the look: ruotando on same you you will feel yourselves magically wrapped from its structure and its history.

Dott.ssa Myriam Di Mare laureata in Archeologia, Etruscologia e Antichit Italiche

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