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Soriano nel Cimino is in the heart of the Cimini hills: 510 m above sea level, and represents the ideal goal for those who love walking in uncontaminated woods and who enjoy the fascinating sights of nature. Its beechwood is enchanting, one of the most notable in Italy, with centuries old high beeches.
Soriano nel Cimino is rich in artistic testimonies that document the presence of different civilisations; from Etruscan and Roman monuments and medieval ruins of castles and churches, from the severe Castle Corsini, constructed by Pope Nicol III in the XIII century, to the 15th century Palazzo Chigi-Albani, who, with the Fonte Papacqua, was realised by the design of Vignola. In the medieval hamlet gathered under the 12th century rock we "re-read" that fascinating pages of history.

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