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Museo Nazionale Tarquiniense (Tarquinia National Museum) located in the splendid Palazzo Vitelleschi (15th cent). Displayed on three levels, the collection includes Eruscan and Roman tombstones, sarcophagi and reliefs, objects of the Villanova culture, the Etruscan-Corynthian pottery both Hellenistic and Roman, paintings removed from the walls of tombs and backed with canvas. The Etruscan Necropolis on 750 hectars of land, three kilometres away, with numerous single chamber tombs, carved in limestone (there are about 7000 catalogued tombs, 58 of wich frescoed). The Civita is less than 7 kilometre from Tarquinia in the direction of Monte Romano. The ancient centre has imposing vestiges of the Etruscan metropolis with the remains of the great temple (first half of the 4th century B.C.). It was here that in 1938 the outstanding sculptured group of the "Winged Horses" was found and imediately became the symbol of the city. It is now the highlight of the National Museum in Palazzo Vitelleschi.