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But in the Fontanabuona Valley history is revealed by other and more significant excursion itineraries. For example the itinerary that traces the steps of Christopher Columbus from Terrarossa to Moconesi (village of origin of the Columbus family) towards the coast of Quinto, 19 kilometres, well documented by about 60 descriptive panels. The itinerary of the Fliscani Feuds (the domain of the great family of the Fieschis), which begins at Gattorna in Val Fontanabuona and goes uphill for 16 kilometres to Torriglia, from where there is a majestic view of the Apennines. The itinerary of seven mountain passes and the itinerary of the "Alta Via" (High Path) of the Ligurian Mountains.
Taking a trip around the Fontanabuona Valley one should also look at the numerous churches scattered in the 15 municipalities and around the countryside. The churches vary from Pre Roman to Baroque, to more daring expressions of contemporary religious architecture. The most important monument in the Tigullio area is the Basilica of the Fieschi in San Salvatore, one of the best examples of the Roman-Gothic style. A weekend in the Fontanabuona Valley? Splendid idea. The Valley localities offer various possibilities of accommodation and the temptations of a gluttonous halt are numerous and irresistible. A pleasant alternative stopover is offered besides by the other towns forming the Fontanabuona Mountain Community such us Avegno, bargagli and Uscio as well as the "seaside resorts" of Bogliasco and Sori.