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Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands (Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto)
World Heritage Site UNESCO

HISTORY: The first written record of Portovenere dates back to the 2nd century A.D., in an ancient nautical itinerary, where "Portus Veneris" was indicated as a naval port for roman triremes heading towards Gaul and Spain. The first settlement, however, was shortly before this date. In fact, in 1113 Porto Venere became Genoa's bastion in the Tyrrhenian sea, after the Lords of Vezzano had donated the village to the Maritime Republic (Genoa). It was the Genoese who built the fortified village just as we see it today. In 1160 they erected the surrounding walls and the castle which still dominates the old village with its imposing shape. The castle was restructured in the 16th century. The "Castrum novum" was built by the Antelami following precise architectonic rules: tower houses on the sea front, the castle, the church of San Lorenzo (1130), the public road from the beach to the castrum vetus and the enclosure of the village within the walls (1160). During medieval times Portovenere's fate was tied to the great maritime republic, first during the long war between Genoa and Pisa (1119 - 1290), then the French domain in 1396 and finally the Aragonese attack in 1494 during which the two churches of San Lorenzo and San Pietro were seriously damaged. During the centuries that followed, Genoa built more modern fortresses in the gulf such as the San Francesco battery, the small fortres of Sant'Ambrogio located above the Arpaia Bay (Byron's Cave) and finally in 1606, the fortress of Torre Scola was built close to the island of Palmaria. Since the arrival of Napoleon and the establishment of the New Ligurian Republic, and more precisely since 1st August 1791, Portovenere went through domain by the Austrian-Russian and French military forces which entirely destroyed the two churches. At the end of the 19th century the first restoration jobs of the architectonic projection of Portovenere started. This project was perseveringly continued allowing the conservation of an environmental frame where nature and man are tied by an incredible bound. In 1997 it was proclaimed by Unesco as "World's Heritage".

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