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The isle of TINO, where interesting ruins from the 11th century can be found including a little church dedicated to Saint Venerio, is a military zone so access is limited to one or two days a year for the religious festivity in honour of this saint (13th September). On Tino are the ruins of an ancient abbey dedicated to the saint. This was erected in the 11th century, a transformation of a chapel constructed in the 7th century in the area where the body of Venerio was found. The holy man was born on Palmaria and died a hermit on Tino.
The islet of TINETTO, practically without vegetation, has some ancient ruins, which testify to the presence of religious communities in this area. There are two distinct buildings: on the western side of the island was a small 6th century oratory with oriented apsis, on the eastern side a more complex building is to be found. The latter, which consisted of a church with two naves and cells for monks, shows different phases of constructions up to the end of the 11th century when it was destroyed by the Saracen raids. Another interesting find to point out is the existence on the islet of an endemic reptile, the pordacis muralis tinettoi, a very rare species of lizard.
PALMARIA is the most frequented and well-known island in the arcipelago, above all by locals from La Spezia. In the summer thousands of tourists pour onto its beaches to swim in the crystal clear water that bathes its shores. Palmaria has an interesting landscape due to the unusual features of the terrain: on the eastern side the land slopes gently down to the sea covered in a rich Mediterranean vegetation; on the western side there are steep cliffs 188 meters high.