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For those who like shopping the downtown streets suit them down to the ground, a parade of typical shops and fashionable "boutiques"; on Tuesday and on Saturday morning the practically inescapable appointment is the gaily-coloured itinerant market in the zone of Piazza Eroi Sanremesi, just a short walk from the San Siro Cathedral. Leader among the attractions which have now become institutional is the Casino (with its traditional green tables, but also with the innovative electronic slot-machines in perfect Las Vegas style). Numerous and frequent, besides, are the important events: for entertainment, film and writers' festivals, concert and theatre seasons, fashion-parades, gala evenings and society life; for sport, sailing and rowing regattas, world-level car, cycling, motorboat racing competitions, bowling and international tennis, golf and minigolf tournaments; for business tourism, exhibitions and fairs, congresses, seminars and roundtables; for culture, meetings with writers, literary Tuesdays, art reviews; for light music, the now rightly famous Songwriters Festival, the Tenco Award, the Sanremo Immagine Jazz and the Sanremo Blues events and, above all, the Festival of the Italian Song, now known as "The Festival", which is constantly renewed in its formula since - on that far off 29th January 1951. The flowers, yes, the flowers: in Sanremo, just because of the unparalleled climatic situation, the many species of plants and flowers from all over the world feel at home wherefore Sanremo is able to boast really beautiful parks and gardens richly endowed in vegetation remarkable and unique in its composition. From the more directly productive viewpoint, it is the floricultural sector which benefits of this unusual situation: the category here in this area is served by two thousand growers, one thousand forwarders, two hundred cooperatives. A thriving reality under everyone's eyes, it suffices to stop to look at the glass-covered hills, surrounding Sanremo, a landscape of squared and dazzling greenhouses, completed by the cylindrical tanks which collect the water used for irrigation. Tourism, flower-growing, Casino: three important items for the civic economy.