Via Brennero, 27 - Vico Airaldi, 4
17021 - Alassio (SV)
Tel.: (+39) 0182 645916-646052
Fax: (+39) 0182 645916

Position: Historic Center - Sea

Hotel Residence Panama

Ristorante Panama

Renowned seafood restaurant. Mediterranean light and delicate cooking. The dishes, typical traditional gastronomy, are made with seasonal produce and raw materials quality. Excellent and selected wine list.

Suitable location for: weddings, baptisms, confirmations, business lunches and dinners, group dinners, private parties, graduation parties, birthdays. The Restaurant Panama organizes dinners in collaboration with Slow Food, theme dinners, evenings of cooking with renowned chefs.

In summer open Panama Mare, a veranda directly on the beach, where you can dinner with their feet in the sand.
Convenient service for take-away