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Tranquil beauty - this is the first impression that Moneglia makes on the arriving visitor. An impression bound to intensify gradually as one experiences its climate and atmosphere. A sensation of calm, certainly, but never of boredom. The sight alone of this village nestling between high, steep and green hills, directly facing the blue of the sea makes it somewhere special. It is an ancient village set between the two promontories of Punta Moneglia and Punta Rospo.
And at its edges, like two upright sentinels, stand the castles of Villafranca and Monleone, composing a scenic backdrop of great charm. Beach, sea, town centre, orchards and greenery - everything in Moneglia is closer, within easier reach. Its reduced size, however, doesnt mean lack of space, but rather compactness, tranquillity, space on a human scale. Moneglia is able to both promise and deliver a holiday where everything is convenient and within easy reach. Enjoy the sea: the beach is there, close at hand.
And on the beach you'll find everything you wish. lt has bathing establishments, restaurants and bars that stay open late, all within easy reach. And wherever you go, you'll feel the attraction and magic of the sea. lt's an invitation to take a dip, but also to dive deeper: splendid, richly coloured sea-beds, a marine wonderland that continues the beauty of the dry land.

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