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The coast - The Tigullio Gulf is a large embrace, closed off by rocky buttresses. To the west, the Mount of Portofino, like the prow of a ship, stretches out in all its beauty to the open sea, majestic in its luxurious green, a natural park which encloses many marvels, rare also for its geological composition: to the north, Apennine rock, an antique inheritance of marine deposits, and to the south, characteristic pudding stone, an aggregation of pebbles which often form the base of sculptural compositions, at times emerging from the water, contrasting with the deep sea-beds. At Paraggi, a little pearl on the road between Portofino and Santa Margherita, the coast suddenly descends to form a wide inlet, bordering one of the most beautiful stretches of Liguria, unravelling for another thirty km.
To the east, the furthest bulwark is Punta Manara which, on one side, overlooks the Baia delle Favole (Fairy Tale Bay), the name of which is a guarantee in itself, and on the other, the Riva Trigoso bay, perhaps the ancient Tigullia Intus of Roman times. Further on, the coastline rises up and becomes more steep. Rocky cliffs precipitate into the sea, layers of sandstone tilted at angles rise up in sheets from the water and finish in the green of the Mediterranean scrub vegetation. Here, there is a kind of natural "preview" to the Cinque Terre, with the hidden creeks, the narrow little villages almost wedged between the folds of the tall rocky constructions. But before arriving in the province of La Spezia, the Tigullio closes with the last stretch of sandy beach of Moneglia, the first seaside resort in the province of Genoa, starting from the east. From here, once again moving backwards, like a red-coloured thread, as far as Portofino, a road permits you to admire the many beauties of the Gulf: it is the Aurelia road, marked out by the Roman Emperor Augustus along this stretch of the Ligurian coast where it runs along very close to the sea.
The seabed - Diving into the waters of the Tigullio is to enter into contact with one of the richest and most fascinating environments in the whole of the Mediterranean. It is the waters of the Portofino Promontory which offer the most intense sensations, with a complete selection of underwater flora and fauna. The show begins on the rocks at a depth of just a few metres, with algae and invertebrates of the most bizarre and fascinating forms.
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