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The island juts out on Lake Garda like an arm and the water mirrors its luminous image. Not only Catullus, but also Caesar is said to have stayed here. In the 8th Century, the Longobards built a cloister. Dante came looking for inspiration, Carducci and Boito spent meaningful hours here...
The Romans had built two castles, two harbours, a settlement and the gigantic villa that rises on rocks and powerfully towers on the lake. On the foundations of the old eastern harbour, the Scaligers later built their famous fortress: a charming, graceful yet strong and imposing bulwark, one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
The numerous villas, churches such as Santa Maria Maggiore's and San Pietro in Mavino's, the wonderful frescoes, unique portals, belfries, battlements, arches and columns, the hamlets of Lugana and Colombare, which like inviting gardens lead to the centre of the town, all are slats of the fan known as Sirmione.
Sirmione however it's something more...

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