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The geographical district - Garda Morainic Hills - between the southern side of the Garda Lake and the Mantuan plane, between the river Mincio on the east and the river Chiese on the west, shows the visitors a charming habitat, with an interesting natural landscape, quite a peculiar one. Valleys and mountains, mild hills, with their sinuous profiles, alternate with dry meadows, shallow depressions and small lakes of spring water, peeping here and there. They are the last remains of the ancient glacier, which moulded the shapes of the present landscape with its icy fingers, over 10.000 years ago.
This area has unique and peculiar characteristics, partly due to the damp lake environments nearby, partly to the geological events, which originated it. The morainic hills, nowadays disposed in a wide concentric semicircle opening towards the plane, date back to the epoch of the last two glaciations, the Riss and the Wurm. At that time the Garda Lake was still only a huge glacier, with its last branches pushing rocks, stones, and clay downwards, in a slow, endless movement, letting them down as soon as the ice melted, in milder areas. All this materials, as time passed, became proper hills, moulded by time and waters, and covered with a rich and luxurious flora, which made them more or less as we can admire them today. Then man completed the scenery. Today we can find spontaneous vegetation, willows, alders, mainly small oaks and black hornbills.

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