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San Felice del Benaco, Portese and Cisano have come under the same administration since 1927. They are situated on a morainic promontory in Lake Garda, with the Gulf of Sal to the north and the Gulf of Manerba to the south- east. Pile dwellings found on the island of Garda and on the western shore of San Felice show that the area has been inhabited since historic times. The settlement continued in Roman times, proof being the altars built into the outer walls of the parish church of San Felice and findings in the San Fermo area.
During the Middle Ages, the hamlet of Scovolo, in the area now called San Fermo, took on considerable importance. The castle was destroyed by the Brescians in 1279 and the survivors took refuge in the nearby villages of Cisano, Trevignane, Portese and San Felice del Benaco, soon rebuilding the castles in the latter two. In the following centuries, despite suffering plundering, devastation and pestilence the town still managed to maintain its own identity based on agriculture in San Felice del Benaco and fishing in Portese. Grapes and olives are still grown in the exceptionally mild climate here, enabling the area to produce typical red wines and clarets and extra-virgin olive oil. The geography of the area, with its beautiful beaches and fully-equipped tourist facilities, makes it ideal for a relaxing or exciting holiday with endless entertainment, and sports and cultural events.

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