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Limone sul Garda is a small resort situated on the western shores of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia. Limone has always been a border land which up to 60 years ago was isolated from the rest of the world. Then, in 1932 the Gardesana road was completed and at last isolation came to an end. Limone sul Garda, with its easy- going and hospitable inhabitants, is still tied to its fine traditions while nonetheless looking to the future. It is a place of contrasts, a hive of activity and yet a tranquil haven for those searching for a relaxing refuge from the hurry and scurry of everyday life.
The mild Mediterraneanlike climate is good for man and favours the growth of oleanders, olive-trees, cedar-woods and lemon trees. Meandering through the olive groves, you will come upon the ancient little church of San Pietro, hidden amongst the age-old olive trees which seem to invite us to ponder their mysterious past. A stroll along the tiny streets of the historic centre will take you back to a by gone age steeped in tradition: from the decorative facades and capitals which recall the period of the Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia, to the characteristic belfry of the church of San Benedetto and the old harbour, a present day reminder of an ancient fishing tradition.
At a short distance, tucked away on a ridge, we find the church of San Rocco, nestling against the white-pillared background of the lemon gardens, Le Limonaie. Why not enjoy total relaxation, lying on the beaches against a background of sheer rocks and luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation or alternatively, try one of the numerous sports activities on offer around the lake. Limone sul Garda infact offers many and varied sports facilities ranging from the most simple to the most daring, made all the more pleasant by a constantly mild climate. Therefore Limone sul Garda is an important world tourist centre with first class accomodation facilities and the tourist season which, thanks to the Mediterraneanlike climate.
Moreover today Limone sul Garda is at the centre of world attention thanks to the discovery of the protein "for long life", present in the blood of its inhabitants. This protein has its origins in a benefical mutation brought about in part by the simple Mediterranean diet of the past based principally on fish, olive oil and citrus fruits, all of which are still produced and made available locally.
Photo: Roberto Veronesi

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