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Manerba del Garda, extending on a promontory, dominates the lake and the Valtenesi area. There are five towns in the district: Pieve, Babiana, Montinelle, Gardoncino and Solarolo. San Biagio Island (also known as the Rabbits' Isle) is also a part of the district. Besides farming, which mainly consists of olive groves and vineyards, tourism and trade are the main economic resources. Many restaurants serve local dishes and use the marvelous ingredients from the area such as fish, olive oil, truffles and wine.
To see at Manerba del Garda: Santa Maria Parish Church was built in the 7th - 8th century on top of a pagan temple and an older building from the 5th - 6th century. Beside it are ancient remains, possibly from a Roman villa. The parish church is the most important medieval monument in the area also in view of the decorations and artwork inside. San Sivino Church, located on the San Sivino promontory, a rocky spur near the shore of the lake, the church has a single nave and a rustic facade.

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