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Moniga del Garda was supposedly named after the goddess Diana Munichia, and some scholars believe a temple dedicated to her once existed in the area. Moniga del Garda lies at the center of the hills that stretch from Desenzano to Sal. The old part of Moniga del Garda sits on a hill, while the modern section surrounded by olive trees descends to the lake and its picturesque port. Olive groves and vineyards flourish in the area. Moniga del Garda is the largest producer of Chiaretto a local wine that is famous worldwide.
To see: the Castle, built in the 10th century to face the Hungarian invasions. The castle sits near the main road and is still in fairly good condition. There is only one entrance at the center of the eastern wall, where signs of an old drawbridge can still be seen. The crenelated city walls have four small round lookout towers on each corner. Three more towers are situated at the center of the north, south and west walls. The square keep is now a bell tower. The Church of St. Martin, facing the castle, it is one of the oldest parish churches of the Valtenesi area.

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