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The name of this town, the etymology of which is somewhat unclear, has undergone the following transformations: Montisclaris (XIIth century); Montechiaro (XVIth century). In 1862, "sul Chiese" was added to the name Montechiaro and, finally in 1877 it became the present Montichiari.
In its territory, at the locality Dosso, Pre-Roman and Roman remains have been brought to light (bronzes, inscriptions and mosaics). In the Middle Ages, its castle had a certain importance. Allied with the Guelphic Brescia, it was besieged, conquered and destroyed by the army of the Emperor Federick II and Ezzelino da Romano (around 1237). Montichiari was a feud of the Counts Longhi, for a long time, but, in 1404, it passed under the rule of Pandolfo Malatesta, connected with the Visconti family. Having passed under Venetian rule, Montichiari was to begin with a Minor Vicariate, to later become Major and obtain a commerce which, in a short time, became one of considerable substance.
In 1482, war broke out between Venice and Ferrara: Montichiari was occupied by the Duke of Calabria; in 1484, the peace of Bagnolo treaty re-established the status quo. Many years of political tranquillity followed, which ended with the arrival of Napoleon Bonapart in Italy who, in 1796, was victorious against the Austrians. In 1909, the first air race in Italy was organised here, and in 1921, an international motorcar Grand Prix was held here but was subsequently transferred to Monza. The most important buildings at Montichiari are: the Pieve di San Pancrazio parish church in Romanesque style, dating back to the XIIth century; the Duomo di Santa Maria Assunta cathedral from 1729; the Bonoris Castle which was purchased by Count Gaetano Bonoris in 1890; the Teatro Sociale from 1773, and the Agostino Bianchi Risorgimento Museum.

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