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Sitting on an enchanting gulf at the foot of Mount S. Bartolomeo, SalÚ is the capital of the Upper Garda area within the province of Brescia. SalÚ, which lies between the Valtenesi, Valsabbia and the Upper Garda areas, is in a particularly favorable geographical position. The old city center shore is a dense network of streets, alleys and small squares lined with elegant homes, shops, restaurants and bars. Neighborhoods of the town (Barbarano, Campoverde, Cunettone, Renzano, San Bartolomeo, Serniga and Villa) are marvelous spots for excursions and walks. Fishing, windsurfing, rowing, yachting and tennis are readily available.
There are public facilities for swimming, football, volleyball, basketball and bocce, while private facilities are available for dance, gymnastics, fencing, judo. Sights to see: S. Bernardino Church dates back to 1476 and contains a triptych portraying the Nativity with Saints Francis of Assisi and Joseph by Zenon Veronese. The Palazzo of the Magnifica Patria and Palazzo of the Podesta, which sit on the lake front. The Library of the Academy of SalÚ, containing 25.000 volumes. The Cathedral (1453) sits at the center of the town.

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