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In the province of Brescia, on the right side of the Lake Garda rises the small country of Soiano del Lago. It has origins many ancient notes from rests of the Bronze Age and from the castle the place on ruins roman. The common one divides in two city centers a time known like the "villas": Soiano castle and Chizzoline. The city with Polpenazze, San Felice, Padenghe, Moniga, Manerba and Puegnago makes part of the Valtenesi. There are many things to see in the city; we begin with Castello situated in the center of Soiano.
During the course of the years Soiano del Lago was destroyed and restructured many many times. Situated to approximately 200 m of height from which wonderful view of the Lake Garda is possible to see one. The castle is also center of associate-cultural events that attracts adults and childreni, tourists and not. Anciently it was put beside a tower subsequently it was replaced with a bell tower because it was not stable. A visit in the Parochial Church of Saint Michele constructed from the inhabitants in age longobarda; inside the church we can admire a majestic organ in baroque style. Soiano del Lago is a rich patrimony environmental and cultural that is it not worth seeing.

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