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Veleso is a small and characteristic mountain village located in Vallone di Nesso, at the foot of Monte San Primo, in a panoramic position overlooking a lake. The tranquillity of its surroundings and the relaxing strolls it offers along numerous local trails allow you to pass your days in the most enjoyable ways. The main charm of this area is the fact that, although being so close to larger towns, it is possible for you to enjoy the healthy country air, its peacefulness, relaxation and sheer diversity from the stress and daily rhythms of everyday city life.
For those fond of going for walks, there are numerous excursions available along the pathways leading up to the surrounding mountain peaks; from here, you can admire the evocative panorama oscillating between rich vegetation and, in the valley basin, Lake Como. At a short distance from Veleso's centre is the country hamlet of Erna, the place of birth of Pietro Zerboni, in the XVIIIth century. He is known as the founder of the handicraft typical to this area, that of metallic sheet production in iron and brass.

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