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Lying near the left bank of the Po, the city of Cremona is a crossroads between the Po valley and the cities of Piacenza, Mantova, Brescia and Milano. A peaceful, well-ordered and fertile countryside dotted with elms, rows of poplars. Cremona is unique for its wealth of magnificent architecture: the Mediaeval Piazza del Comune, the 12th-century Baptistery, and the Romanesque cathedral. Cremona owes much of its fame to the violin-making art of Stradivarius. Today the radition is carried on in the city's many workshops and the Scuola Liuteria (school of stringed instrument making). Numerous festivals and shows with ancient traditions are still staged in the province.
Cremona is characterised by being a great tourist and cultural attraction, thanks also to the dedication of the inhabitants who give their guests a warm welcome in every season, with the proposal of a wide selection.

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