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In the past, Corte de' Frati was called Corte de' Zeni, being a feud of the noble Zeni family. The town has been inhabited since ancient times; the primitive populations were followed by the Romans who were responsible for many settlements along the banks of the river Oglio. The first historical references to the Corte de' Frati of today are to be had only in the 9th century, while the first documentation dates back to the epoch of the Lombards when the town was noted amongst the properties of the Monastery of Saint Julia of Brescia.
Its location on the border with Brescia was determinant for the town which was often involved in bloody battles in an effort to obtain power over the banks of the river; initially, it became the corte regia of the Umiliati di S. Abbondio in Cremona, even though at the end of this monastic order, it was ceded in part to the Theatines. During 1648, to stop the French assault on Cremona, a barrier ten miles long was constructed, arriving as far as the banks of the Oglio; the French nevertheless managed to cross it at the height of Grumone where, still today, it is possible to see traces of the fortification.
At Corte de' Frati it is interesting to visit the parish church in honour of the Saints Filippo and Giacomo (Philip and James) in which, beneath the central nave, traces of ancient burials have been discovered dating back to the period of the presence of the monks; the building was enlarged in 1866, to the loss of the oratory of San Rocco.

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