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The medieval village of Castellaro Lagusello, surrounded by the gently sloping morainic hills, is located on a small plateau that dominates the small lake. There are numerous peaceful pathways leading to the little town which make their way through the vineyards and the woods. The ancient part of the village is still well preserved and is distinguished by the city boundary walls, with a Guelph battlement which conceals ancient walkways. Inside, you can find a thirteenth century castle with a tower and ramparts as well as the palace of the marquises Tacoli, which was used twice as headquarters by Napoleon Bonapart in the first Italian campaign. The town's ancient architecture, characterised by low buildings and the baroque church, integrates and co-exists well with its modern reality. We should also not forget the gastronomic traditions which also have their importance. The recipes of this area are influenced by the culinary customs of the nearby cities (Mantova, Verona and Brescia) and, therefore, donate a crossbreed of unforgettable flavours. Typical products and dishes are salami, eel, and polenta, served accompanied by wine from the surrounding hills.

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