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Curtatone is situated in the Hinterland close to the city of Mantua, and is part of the Park of the Mincio. The municipal territory includes Buscoldo, Eremo, Grazie, Levata, Ponteventuno, San Lorenzo and San Silvestro. The origin of the name "Curtatone" is attributed to the presence in the territory of the Roman encampment of the Consul Curtius Odonis.
Human settlements were already present in pre-historic times: traces of lake dwellings, in fact, have been found at Buscoldo. Amongst the historical events, the battle of 29th May 1848 deserves a special mention. In its memory, two monuments were erected in 1870, work of the architect Giuseppe Poggi; one at Montanara, and the other at Curtatone, now dedicated to the students who died from 1848 to 1945.

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