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San Giorgio di Mantova, as a municipality, has its history and its notoriety not only provincial. There was a village between the lake Mezzo and the lake Inferiore, at the borders of Mantua, disappeared in 1809, and we must indicates that it was made of 700 houses besides the church. There are still the smell fortress become famous for its entry in the work Rigoletto by Verdi as the characteristic inn Sparafucile become then Youth Hostel. It remains little of the past time. Starting from Mottella we can cite convent memories even if not readable, while the Townhall is the former Palazzo Sordi built in the late seventeenth century with on its side the eighteenth century church of San Michele. On the right of the road Padana Inferiore one finds Villanova de' Bellis where traces of the past are still visible, as palace Benedini, the Madonnina(of monastic origins) and the court Civita.
Going on the left side of the road Padana Inferiore one enters a maze of villages, court and new built up areas. Interesting and suggestive the corner of villa spaggiari on the Fossamanna”with the near mill poletti. In the north of the municipality lies Costa Nuova and Costa Vecchia, once big labourer’s court with a husking house and boat for rice. At last we must report the important hamlet of Villanova Maiardina seat of the parish of SS Nome di Maria in S. Giorgio di Mantova and autonomous vicariate. It is a small church built in 1727, with a squared plan, that keeps a valuable Felice Campi's canvas: Young Mary between S. Giuseppe and S. Antonio”dated late eighteenth century.

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