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Porto Mantovano is a residential area located 4 kilometres from Mantua. Its name can be traced back to the Borgo (today known as the Cittadella) situated on the left bank of the Mincio river.
Porto Mantovano is a locality rich in traditions which fought in the historical events of the past to attain its independence. The Porto Mantovano can boast numerous green areas including parks and gardens equipped both with children's playgrounds and for adults wishing to pass a few moments of tranquillity. The adjoining municipalities are Gonzaga and Ostiglia, as well as the localities of Revere and Schivenoglia.
Things to see: Villa la Favorita, the Freedom Monument (Monumento della Libert) in Piazza Residenza, the Annunziata Church containing frescoes by Milani and paintings by Bazzani.

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