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The Rodigo territory is divided between the chief town and the hamlet of Rivalta, situated on the river Mincio. It is interesting, above all, for its landscape and naturalistic points of view. At Rodigo, worth note is the Barozzi Mansion of the sixteenth century, also called Villa Balestra. It is an example of rural mansion which recalls Giulio Romanos architectonic style. The parish church is dedicated to Saint Mary of the Rose. It was built in XVIII century with a characteristic oval, elliptic plan with columns that line the faade. It preserves beautiful paintings of the eighteenth century among which are a Saint Bernardinoby Antonio Brunetti (1770) and a picture by Antonio Grotti.
History: The first historical testimonies of Rodigo date back to 1200. The centre gained strategic importance as a feud of the Canossas who built a castle at Rivalta, on the spot where the river Mincio widens its course to form the present lakes of Mantua. In 1478, the centre became an Earldom. The vicissitudes of the Earldom of Rodigo ended after a little more than a century with the passing of the inhabitants under the control of Mantua. In the Renaissance Age, Rodigo was a small-sized village and its population was distributed in more than one hamlet. After Vespasiano's death, the last Count of Rodigo, the village returned back under the direct control of the Gonzagas of Mantua.
Surroundings: The territory of Rivalta sul Mincio has a particular landscape and charm due to the widening of the Mincio riverbed which gives origin, to the south, to the Lake Superior, the first of the three lakes which surround Mantua. The itinerary is one of the most suggestive and it is protected by a Regional law. At the landing-stage of Rivalta, it is possible to ferry across the river for excursions to the Sanctuary delle Grazieand to the Lake Superior of Mantua. Rivalta is very ancient, but nothing has remained of its past. Also the parish church dedicated to Saint Virgilio and Saint Donato, is of the first half of the eighteenth century.
Outside Rivalta, towards Sacca, the Court of the Seven Friars, which name evokes the presence of a convent.

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