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Viadana boasts the largest territory in the Mantua area, thanks to its thirteen villages and to a long embankment along the Po river which acts as boundary with the nearby territories of Parma and Reggio Emilia. Its origins go back to Roman times, and it can also boast of having been a marquisate of the Gonzaga family; historically, its civilisation is based solidly on agriculture and on its small, traditional industries.
Viadana is considered to be the homeland of the melon, indeed, every year in the month of July, there is a special festival including delicious recipes and interesting gastronomic combinations of the fruit. The town also possesses the precious "Parazzi" archaeology museum which preserves numerous archaeological remains, an art gallery and modern and Renaissance ceramics and terracottas. Viadana also has a number of beautiful churches, private, centuries-old residences and courts in the precious, rural architectural style of the Sixteenth-Seventeenth centuries.

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