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Agriturismo Le Vigne di Adamo

A strong passion for our territory and for wine was the driving force behind the decision of a group of friends to realise their dream: become wine producers. A young group that is built on the experience inherited from past generations, the desire to express the love of an antique and fascinating profession, respect for the natural cycle of the vine and maintaining the principles at the root of farmers' wisdom. Marzio, Elisa, Nicola, Grazia, Silvano, Simona and Paolo will gladly welcome you in their vineyard to taste their products and infect you with their passion.

Val di Pietra
Vitigni: 80% Cabernet Sauvignon - 20% Cabernet Franc
Monte Cervo
Vitigni: 100% Merlot

Wine is something unique, uniting patient work on the vines with knowledgeable and careful transformation in the wine cellar. Uniting the past with the future. The philosophy of our company is to create a natural product of high quality by uniting antique manual techniques with modern knowledge, thus exalting the organoleptic properties of the vineyard and the territory.

Taste our wines of character and complexity to satisfy the curiosity to discover and explore new sensations.

The company is situated with the oasis' of the Parco Naturale del Mincio, in an enchanting area of the territory, the small town Volta Mantovana (Mantua), in the Northeast of Italy. The ground, slightly chalky and pebbly, is particularly suited to the growing of vines, and indeed is a characteristic of the farming production of the area. The climate benefits from the proximity of Lake Garda, creating a favourable environmental context for this type of cultivation.

The vineyards are situated in the gentle Morenic hills with an excellent exposure to the sun. The method of growth for the red wines, Merlot and Cabernet, is on stakes with a yield of 70 kg/hectare, whilst the white vines are grown on simple arcs. Quality control begins on the vine with a reduction of the clusters preserving the ones with least grapes. Harvesting strictly by hand enables a first selection on the vine of the more mature clusters, with subsequent harvesting passages. The grapes are placed in small receptacles to keep them intact for as long as possible before proceeding with crushing.