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Garlasco is an agricultural and industrial centre in the Lomellina area, 21 kilometres from the main town of the province. It was assigned as a feud to the Pavese monastery of San Salvatore in 981 A.D. by Ottone II and then, in the 14th century, passed under the rule of the Visconti and was incorporated into the dukedom of Milan.
In 1370, it was almost completely destroyed by the troops of the marquis Giovanni di Monferrato. Involved in the 2nd war of independence (1859), it was severely damaged by Austrian soldiers. The most representative monuments are the hospice of S. Anna, founded in the 19th century; the church of Santa Maria Assunta, constructed in the 18th century based on plans by the architect Regina; the church of the SS. Trinita in Baroque style which was reconstructed in 1712 on the site of the pre-existent, more ancient building, and the 17th century church of San Rocco which was severely damaged by the actions of French troops in 1813.
The Bosco del Vignolo oasis is a natural reserve within the bounds of the Ticino Park, covering some 24 hectares. The variety of surroundings is reflected in the richness of the fauna and flora. In fact, it is possible to find robinia, planes, black poplar, elder, various species of ferns, reeds and marsh lilies. Amongst the birds, only the bittern nests here, but one can also observe grey herons, nitticore and garzette.

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