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Climate and Natural surroundings - The centre of this region is the wide and sunny plain of Bormio, for centuries gouged by glaciers and flowing water and partly filled in with alluvion; it is surrounded by mountains that to the north form a barrier of limestone and dolomite of which the principal peak is the Reit (3075 m.). Three valleys meet here: Valdidentro, Valdisotto and Valfurva. The region enjoys a particularly fine climate, despite its altitude and latitude. There is exceptionally clear and dry air and a lot of sun. Overcast days are rare: in Bormio 63 days a year on average. During the last years the maximum temperature was +28 and the minimum -14. Snowfall is abundant; the northerly position of some of the ski slopes ensures the presence of snow until well into the spring. The Bormio Region is within the borders of the National Park of Stelvio, one of the biggest protected areas of Europe. The most salient characteristic of the vegetation is the presence of woods which are of great interest both for their quantity and for their flora. The undergrowth too is rich in valuable flora and in particular in "porcino" mushrooms. The valleys are exceptionally rich in flora - with 1800 species present. In the Bormio Valley there are unexpected areas with a particularly favourable climate characterized by the tipical vegetation of warmer areas. This region provides an ideal habitat for the typical fauna and the Alps such as deer, chamoix and some 200 steinbocks that have found a suitable home in the Zebr Valley. Minor fauna is present in the form of numerous colonies of marmots, squirrels, badgers, ermines, foxes and hares. There are some 200 species of birds including the grouse and the white partridge; in the Zebr and Forni Valleys there are also some golden eagles.