The relaxing setting of the Hotel Flora stands on the area that once housed a skating ring. Holidays here slip by in an atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Magnificent mountain scenery sorrounds the Hotel and invites its guests to relax in an appropriate setting and in the warmth of its hospitality. A top quality hotel, refined and hospitable, surrounded in winter by white expanses of snow and in summer by a multi-coloured panorama.

A unique style, characterized by sinuous and elegant shapes, softened by the scent of larch, which gives a sense of safety and a feeling of love, and by the perfume of fir trees, familiar and sweet. This mix of fragrances contributes to the atmosphere of peaceful repose.

All the windows of the Hotel Flora produce a picture, a landscape which is constantly changing with the passage of time, the perfect work of art.

Few things in the world are as wonderful, noble and beautiful as the poetry of mountains and their cool silence.