Modern architecture is a feature of the hotel, perfectly integrated in its mountain surroundings while showing no trace of concessions to tradition or folklore.

Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort exudes elegance while being at the same time measured, almost minimalist, its warmth deriving from clever use of different shades of natural wood, as well as other natural materials such as slate, granite and stone, deftly set off by an innovative use of sunlight to softly brighten spaces.

Guests will be surprised by the uniqueness of the Feeling Rooms - Chakra rooms - reflecting what oriental philosophy and medicine describe as the energy points of the human body.

Designed and furnished to reflect the principles of feng- shui, in an unconventional blending of different cultures, these rooms tap into the emotions.

Valtellina cuisine is a leit motif of the hotel's restaurant, where bresaola is prepared according to Dad Milio's secret recipe and the local wines and honey are never in short supply. For the evening, Milio Restaurant offers a gourmet experience where the dishes are knowledgeably matched with fine wines.

Art In Ice photographs are to be found throughout the Resort, capturing the winter sculpture show set up by Lungolivigno.

Lac Salin SPA & Mountain Resort can properly be described as an art hotel thanks to the artists' plans and sketches on show there, as well as the exhibitions put on its brightly lit Stua Granda.